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I know you're busy, I get it. Let me give you back time.

The time that it'll take you to write the job ad, to go through the 100s of applications, the time to interview the good ones on paper only to find they aren't going to be a good "fit" (!). What a waste of your time, when you could be/should be working in the business.

And you know, sometimes advertising a role, doesn't produce the best candidates. In my experience, for the harder roles to fill, a search and select approach is better. And this can take time.

I want to get to know your business, to understand your plans and what you need from the role you're trying to recruit. 

I won't send you a candidate that I haven't met. 

And if I haven't yet convinced you of the value a recruiter can bring to your business, then ask yourself this, "Do I really have the time to invest in the recruitment process on-top of my day-to-day responsibilities?" The reality is that you will probably be trawling through cvs on the couch while you're half watching your fave Netflix series!

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"Adelaide managed two quick turn around recruitment jobs for our company. She was able to quickly grasp the necessary skills for the roles, which required specialist technical skills. She also had an excellent feel for who would be an appropriate fit for our company culture. Adelaide was detailed orientated and efficient. Both employees have successfully continued on in our company."
Virginia Shedden, Director, Research Ink

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